India’s romantic culture, storied past and natural beauty come alive on this classic tour through some of its most alluring sites. Indulge your senses with old-world glamour and ancient traditions.

Affectionately called Oz by those who live there, Australia is a magical other world that you can get to without having to venture into a tornado.

Discover the superlative nature of Australia where in one amazing journey you will see the oldest, biggest, brightest and bluest. 

A country of sprawling forests, revered monasteries, overpowering fortresses, lush green valleys fed by bountiful rivers and age-old practices, where happiness is the unit of measurement… that’s Bhutan!

Borneo Women

Discover the rainforests, longhouses, wildlife and culture of the incredible land of Malaysia. Trek through the tropical rainforests in search of a paradise filled with gibbons and hornbills, some of the world’s largest butterflies and the endangered orangutan.

Get a real taste of China with fine dining and cooking lessons, interspersed with visits to extraordinary historical sites and traditional Chinese entertainment.

The teachings of Confucius have been guiding millions for over 20 centuries, so embrace his philosophy and take your first steps towards discovering the enchanting beauty and history of China.

Known the world over for its distinctive cooking methods and sophisticated use of spices, Indian cuisine is as diverse as the country’s history, landscapes and people. Learn how to cook – and eat – an array of dishes with cooking demonstrations, hands-on classes and, of course, meals.

Discover a kaleidoscope of colors on this journey to India’s most famous sites.

Take the road less traveled and explore the rugged scenery and snow-clad mountain peaks of India’s “Little Tibet.”

From Sumatra, home to Southeast Asia’s largest lake and dense jungles, Indonesia stretches over 3,000 miles to Papua, and is as varied as it is unique.

Discover the magical islands of New Zealand and its rich heritage of cultures, from Auckland’s Polynesian, Rotorua’s Maori, Dunedin’s Scottish and to the English charm of Christchurch – this country is a melting pot of traditions and waterways. 

Journey into a land forgotten by time, where ancient tribes still own the land and people commune with nature as a way of life.

India’s rich culture comes to life on this journey through the exotic South. Experience the history of India as you explore beautiful towns and cities still showing evidence of European influence in three different States – Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

Sri Lanka is a place of sweet surprises where around each verdant bend lies the beautifully unexpected.

From market to table, learn about key elements of Thai cooking: purchase fresh produce at a local market; prepare (and eat!) 4-course meals and popular Thai desserts in Central and Northern traditions, meet a winemaker and enjoy an exclusive winery tour and tasting lunch.

Discover come of Southeast Asia’s greatest birding and biological riches in Thailand, accompanied by Pinit Saeng Kaew and Udorn ‘Nang’ Jantboworn, two of the premier naturalist birder guides in Thailand.

Bangkok’s soundtrack blends ancient melodies with techno-beats within a whirl of neon lights that glow in the thick Southeast Asian air.

Ancient and mysterious, the countries of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia beckon you to marvel at the scenic beauty and fascinating cultures of the region.

Vietnam, a land of amazing beauty and biodiversity; from the lushness of the mountains, with evergreen and bamboo forests, to scenic valleys, to the flow of rivers and the massive deltas formed where the rivers meet the sea, Vietnam is a land of stunning diversity.

Experience a country still unspoiled and quite unique in the world.

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The pages of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book come alive as you travel through India’s ancient civilizations, architectural wonders and lush nature reserves.