Classic Escapes recognizes that we have social, cultural, and environmental responsibilities to the people who live in the regions we visit. We wish to respect and preserve both their environment and their way of life.
Therefore, in all of our business practices and decision-making processes, Classic Escapes strives to:

  • Protect the environment - its flora, fauna and landscapes
  • Respect local cultures - traditions, religions and built heritage
  • Benefit local communities - both economically and socially
  • Conserve natural resources - from office to destination
  • Minimize pollution - including noise, waste and congestion

To ensure that our responsible business practices extend from our office into the field, Classic Escapes carefully selects and develops partnerships with others who share our belief in the importance of preserving cultural and natural resources. This includes the ground operators, hotels, lodges, transportation companies, and guides with whom we work. We also engage each of our travelers in this partnership by distributing detailed suggestions on how they can reduce their impact on the local culture and environment while traveling.