Unravel the wonders of the Ionian and the Adriatic Seas as you cruise through picturesque islands and sun-kissed shores. Begin with your exploration of Athens where the Acropolis stands high above the city as a testament to old glories.

From the first human settlers of the Stone Age to the great Roman Empire, to the kings and queens of the medieval age, Croatia has persevered. This landscape is covered in monuments from nearly every era of human history and in each city you might wander from a Roman street to a medieval church before stopping off in a trendy modern bistro for your afternoon coffee. 

The highly acclaimed series of Downton Abbey comes alive with visits to the historic estates and scenic villages that have served as the setting for the award-winning series. Visit Basildon Park, Highclere Castle, Bampton, and Bourton on the Water, shrouded in fantasy but fixed in reality as the sprawling estates, extensive collections of art and furnishings are pieces set in the real environs of aristocratic England. 

Bask in the glow of the City of Light on this journey to the capital of love and culture. Wander the cobble-lined streets of Paris, listening to the echoing cry of the Notre Dame bell tower and the buzz of city life along the River Seine. Travel through centuries of incredible historical significance as you visit the Sun King’s court at Versailles. Gaze at Monet’s water lilies and explore the halls of chateaux in the Loire Valley. From culinary experiences to theatrical performances, Paris will overwhelm your senses, enrich your spirit, and win your heart.

Spend three unforgettable days in the gorgeous city of Nuremburg before boarding an award-winning luxury vessel. Cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest on this incredible tour of Eastern Europe. Explore cobbled streets, towering medieval castles, and centuries-old houses of worship. Taste local beers and wine while feasting on gourmet dishes over the strains of folk music. 

Embark on this unique tour of Europe, where the customary stops in major cities are each punctuated with a trip to that city’s zoo. This trip has been carefully curated to feature some of the most remarkable zoos in Europe, from the open environment that puts tourist next to ape in Apenheul Primate Park to the rebuilt and reclaimed zoos of Germany that were once demolished during the world wars. This is an opportunity to visit some of the most incredible animal sanctuaries on Earth, places where exotic species were bred in captivity for the first time, and where millions upon millions of people have discovered a love for our animal brethren. Explore the wild side of Europe on this tour of its most superlative zoos.

Start in Lisbon, a city rich in history and a vibrant modern culture.  Then set sail on the Douro River for a spectacular cruise, dipping into Spain along the way. The Douro Valley is famous for its quaint villages, winding paths, and wealth of historical sites. You will visit the treasures of the past and the settlements of today, sipping wine with locals and letting the Portuguese breeze surround you as you gaze out over the railing toward each new destination. 

Whether it be food, art, history, or simple culture, nowhere on earth can compare to the offerings of France. Start your journey in the French Riviera, the perfect start to take in the sights and float in the crystal blue waters.  Set sail on a luxury river cruise from the bustling city of Lyon down through provincial France, stopping to take in medieval architecture, Roman ruins, and meals so delicious you’ll remember them forever. Your cruise includes some of the major landmarks that shaped Western history, alongside charming cobbled alleyways, and scenic river vistas, all sure to come together to create the ultimate escape to France. 

This is a sensational tour. On this trip to Provence and the Riviera, all of the senses are catered to, form the bucolic beauty of small French villages in quiet flowered valleys to the scent of chocolate as it is transformed into little squares of indulgence. 

Majestic mountains, medieval monasteries and mouthwatering dishes made with delicious herbs and spices, accompanied by an endless amount of wine – this is what you can expect on your trip to Georgia and Armenia. 

There are few places in the world that have had an impact on classical music that rivals this cluster of cities in the center of Europe. Home to Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Brahms, and beyond, there’s something in this brisk, Alpine air that sparks genius and lives in song. Explore your way from Munich to Salzburg to Vienna, exploring the great landmarks and historical homes to genius and theater in each city along the way. 

Palace of Westminster

Journey to London, the birthplace of modern theater and a global cornerstone of art and culture. You’ll spend your days browsing the ancient relics and priceless art at world famous museums and walking the halls of royal palaces. Your nights will include world class theater performances, where you’ll be dazzled by the lights and bustle of the hottest West End attractions.

Queen Victoria was perhaps the last true monarch of the British Empire. Her formidable stature, her elegant sense of decorum, and her lifelong devotion to her husband became pillars of a cultural movement that continues to be romanticized and emulated the world over – known, appropriately, as “Victorian.” Discover the places this remarkable woman held most dear as you explore her homes, her haunts, and the places where modern filmmaking attempts to recapture her legacy with hit creations like Masterpiece Theatre’s Victoria. Discover the woman who redefined the world.


Witness the splendor of the Greek Isles on this exciting cruise through the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. Dip your feet into the warm, blue waters as you move from island to island in comfort aboard your charming motor-sailer, the M/S Galileo (26 cabins.)

Acropolis Sunset

Classical Greece gave birth to democracy and saw the rise of such leaders as Agamemnon, Pericles, and Alexander the Great. Equally revered, Greek mythology gave us Zeus and Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, Heracles and Medusa.

This is an exclusive opportunity to witness the many splendors of Greece—its legendary temples, ancient legends and Classical art; white sand beaches and deep blue seas; unique culture and mouthwatering cuisine—with a local twist.

Experience a harmonious balance between conventional cruising and private yachting, along with an exciting voyage of discovery, unravelling the wonders of Antiquity and Byzantium around the coast of the Peloponnese. Each day, discover a new port of call, a leap back into ancient history to amaze you and rich cultural diversity to intrigue you.

Pull back the curtain on the most dazzling spectacles of nature on this journey to the Land of Fire and Ice. Visit the most miraculous natural wonders in Iceland, from volcanic fields to hot mineral springs, and from the crashing roar of spectacular waterfalls to the trumpeting spray of erupting geysers. Spend your nights under the inky expanse of a star-lit sky, hunting for the most admired phenomenon of winter – the Aurora Borealis.

Despite Iceland’s northern location, it is an unusually warm country, both in weather and in the hearts of its people. Active volcanoes provide natural spas throughout Iceland, glaciers and mountains dot the country providing many rivers flowing to the ocean, and the Gulf Stream warms the island. Discover this warmth for yourself in Iceland’s famous natural spas, on the trails of its mountains, waterfalls and volcanoes, and in the culture of its people. This trip is sure to leave an indelible impression, and fill your heart and soul with a type of Nordic happiness only Iceland can provide.

Discover Ireland and Wales, two Celtic countries tied at the hip to England, yet maintaining their own unique cultural identity and languages. Ireland is known as the ‘Emerald Island’ for its striking natural beauty, medieval architecture, and of course Dublin, one of the pre-eminent cities in the world. Wales’ coastline is truly a sight to behold, and this mountainous land offers its own unique kind of beauty, along with gregarious people famous for their song – in fact, Wales is known as the ‘Land of Song’! After this tour you will be the one singing the praises of these two Celtic countries.

Get your heart pumping with a combination of incredible experiences, stunning sights, and invigorating activity as you hike, cycle, and tour your way through some of the most beautiful spots in Italy. From sprawling countryside to the bustle of elegant cities, to farmsteads and vineyards, canals and city markets, this tour is for the passionate traveler, who wishes to dive into all Italy has to offer. Fill your glass with experiences that go beyond standard tourism, whether it’s creating your own Venetian mask, spending a day as a medieval pilgrim, or exploring a famous cathedral long after it shut its doors to the public.

Walk in the footsteps of two operatic giants, Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini, who wrote notes that still echo through popular culture, familiar to ears of all nationalities, languages, and cultures, a century after they set their notes to parchment. Explore their homes, their theaters, and their inner lives as you travel throughout the region, immersing yourself in the world of the great maestros, as their music fills your heart and guides your steps.

Since the very dawn of time, Sicily has possessed an irresistible allure to mankind. With a human history stemming from at least 12,000 BC, this Mediterranean island has drawn thinkers, artists, conquerors, and gods to the turquoise expanse of dramatic coastlines, the plunging valleys and soaring mountain peaks of the highlands, and the rich soils and rustling breezes of the forests. Today, ruins of monuments and homesteads from the greatest civilizations of humanity sit alongside one another opposite stunning landscapes and modern villages, only adding to the breathtaking magic of this timeless place.

Before the mighty empire of Rome, the Greeks ruled the south of Italy, with bustling cities stretching from Naples down to the tip of Sicily. Some of their most remarkable work was done in these lands, from esteemed temples to the gods to artisan pottery and beyond. Explore this often-missed period of Italy’s history as you delve into the layers of time beneath today’s cities and their many towering monuments.

There are few places in the world as associated with fine dining as Italy. It is a nationality defined by its love of the gourmet and lovingly prepared, with its culinary contributions tied to generations of tradition, heritage, and culture. Explore some of the cornerstones of Italian flavor sensibility on this mouth-watering tour of Italia. Visit some of the most important vineyards in the world, sipping their wares along the way. Learn the proper way to test a wheel of cheese and hand-roll fresh pasta. Savor the sweet perfection of desserts prepared with ancient techniques. Learn what it truly means to have great taste in travel.

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Greece, a land that has captivated mankind since the dawn of our species. From caves that Neolothic man once called home, to villages of ancient Greece, to medieval palaces towering over glittering shorelines against a backdrop of mountain peaks, discover for yourself why this place has been home to countless generations. Hike along mountain trails of Pelion & Zagori, gaze into the breathtaking depths of the Vikos Canyon, and dip your feet in the dazzling Ionian Sea, enjoying charms and scenery that have enchanted since the dawn of time.

Italy has long been lauded as a place of cultural significance, Rome having spread its influence over much of the western world. Equally impressive is the legacy it is creating through its national parks. This trip provides ample servings of both. Orchids fill the air with perfumed breath in the wildness of Majella National Park. Mountains run to the sea, where crystal clear waters flow in and out of grottos carved from the soft chalk like rock in Gargano National Park. The cultural angle veers abruptly from the commonplace in Alberobello where conical roofed houses create a fairytale cityscape, and in Matera where living in a cave was commonplace until the middle of the 20th century.

Italy has long been lauded as a place of cultural significance. The great empire of Rome made its mark on the Western world for over a millennium, influencing art and music from the days of ancient emperors through to the Renaissance. Experience Italy’s legacy with a journey to the region of Umbria, a scenic region of Tuscany dotted with ancient ruins, medieval villages, and natural wonders, where the patrons of the art of jazz meet once a year to celebrate their craft. You will spend your days exploring the cultural treasures of Umbria and your nights surrounded by live musical performances by remarkable jazz artists. Let Italy fill your eyes with wonder and your soul with music.

Perhaps no two places capture the Italian spirit as well as Venice and Verona. The former has served as a hallmark of culture and art, known as the spiritual home of the Opera itself, where artists like Vivaldi and Wagner debuted their most treasured works. From its famed courtesans to the dreamy gondolas floating along the canals, Venice is an icon of Italian sensibilities where you’ll explore famous landmarks by day and also experience lush private gardens, mysterious medieval crypts, and ornate cathedrals after dark, when other tourists are not allowed inside. Explore the famous stories and uncover the hidden mysteries of Italy as you tour these two cities, and if you’re so inclined, finish off with Florence on the optional extension.