• Joseph Muruthi
    Joseph K. Muruthi was born near Mt. Kenya and the Aberdares Range, an area renowned for the famous Tree Lodges and conservation parks. His close proximity to wildlife areas during his childhood offered him an understanding and appreciation for wildlife and nature at a young age. After college, Joseph continued his education with courses in wildlife management and tour guiding, and began his career in guiding at William Holden Wildlife Foundation, eventually moving onto tour guiding for safari groups in East Africa. His extensive knowledge on African flora, fauna, culture and history, and his experience leading tours throughout East Africa, makes Joseph one of the best guides available in Kenya.
    • Kenya

  • Peter Njuguna
    Peter Njuguna, one of the most experienced naturalist guides in Kenya, has been escorting safaris since 1986. Peter is of the Kikuyu tribe from the Rift Valley area, and is a graduate of the Swiss Government Tourism and Hotel School as well as Kenya’s Utali College. Peter feels that promoting understanding between cultures will not only increase our global views, but create a better world for wildlife. His quiet manner combined with expert knowledge on Kenya’s wildlife and culture make him one of our most appreciated naturalists. "My vision for humanity is that in promoting understanding between cultures will not only make for a better world for people, but also for a better world for wildlife." - Peter
    • Kenya

  • Albert Mitcho Karisa is one of the best and most experienced guides currently leading tours in East Africa. Always ready to pass on his knowledge in combination with a vibrant sense of humor, travelers comment that "Albert makes learning about the animals, environment and culture an especially fun experience." A native of Rwanda, he has led trips to Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Congo, Morocco and France. His birding abilities are unequaled and his expertise with photography will help you get that perfect picture. His unbounded energy stems from his long-distance running, and his interests include herbal medicine and the cultures of Africa. Albert's passionate nature and buoyant personality makes him the perfect ambassador for Africa.
    • Uganda

    • Tanzania

    • Zimbabwe

    • Congo

    • Morocco

    • France

    • Kenya

  • Ted Schiffman has been a nature and wildlife photographer for 40 years. His photographs have been published by: the National Geographic Society, the American Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian Institution, the Sierra Club, the World Wildlife Fund, the United States Department of Interior, encyclopedias Americana and Britannica, among many others. He has lectured at the American Museum of Natural History on the challenges facing the wildlife photographer while on assignment. Ted has also participated in, photographed, and published work about wildlife research on endangered animal species: California condor, Florida panther, the Peregrine Falcon, and the lemurs of Madagascar. In addition, he has co-authored a book on backpacking photography, recently published “Treefrogs ... prehistoric survivors with a global message”.
    • Kenya