The Galapagos Albatross

If you plan on going to the Galapagos, your visit will be more rewarding and memorable with the amount of iconic species you see.  We will be covering “The Big 15” that captures the most iconic wildlife of the Islands.  The first is the Galapagos Albatross, also known as the waved Albatross.  This is the largest bird in the Galapagos with a wing span of about 8.2 feet.  They live almost exclusively on Espanola Island with the exception of a handful located on the continental Ecuadorian Island La Plata.  They have been considered endangered since 2007 since they only have one main breeding site.  Albatross lay eggs only between April and June due to the weather pattern and winds and they eat small fish, squid, crustaceans and sometimes smaller birds.