Holidays in Uganda

Uganda is predominantly Christian and most of the population celebrates Easter and Christmas in some way, shape, or form. The traditional decorating and attending of church are all present, but vary from city to city and even village to village. Gift giving varies from place to place and family to family. Christmas is often the only time of the year friends and family gather, and large urban centers empty as Ugandans return to smaller cities and villages to celebrate Christmas among friends and family. Food is a popular topic during Christmas in Uganda, with an emphasis on meat and feasting starting right before Christmas and running through the New Year. Quality of life and stability are trending up in Uganda, and more of the population is able to afford meat throughout the year instead of only during Christmas. The spirit of giving during Christmas pervades and meat is often given to neighbors who can’t afford their own, or they are included in a feast. The concept of Santa Claus has only recently caught on in Uganda, and many older Ugandans have never heard of Santa Claus – if they do they call him Father Christmas!