Letter from Stacy - June 2016

¡Olee Travelers!

I bet you don’t recognize that greeting! It’s Maa, the language of the Maasai, and I thought it appropriate for a newsletter focused on my beloved Africa! From wildlife to culture to conservation, this newsletter covers the major bases of the appeal of that phenomenal continent and ways you can experience it for yourself!


First and foremost, check out our feature on Tanzanian wildlife. If you’ve got safari on your mind and want to experience the most exotic offerings of Mother Nature, then you can’t go wrong in the country credited with housing the very cradle of mankind. Whether it is gentle giants like the elephant you’re longing to see or the thrill of the mighty predators that stalk the savannah, you will find your heart’s desire in Tanzania.


It’s also where you’ll have the opportunity to meet the fascinating Maasai tribe, a nomadic people who have roamed East Africa for over 500 years. Farmers, warriors, and artisans, these are a people unlike anyone you’ve ever met and our little introduction feature will give you a taste of what’s to come when you travel to their lands.


Of course, no newsletter would be complete without an inside scoop on saving the planet. Check out a way to help the gorilla populations of Africa, a cause many of us may suddenly be feeling a need to become involved with following last month’s tragic loss of a Western Lowland Gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo.


If you’re feeling tempted to hop a plane right now but feeling a little constrained by budget, check out our special deal on a trip to Botswana and the remarkable Victoria Falls. After all, there’s nothing like planning a safari to the bush and alongside the rush of a massive waterfall to take the edge off of the summer heat.


Etaa sere,