Letter from Stacy - May 2016

¡Hola Travelers!

It's finally warming up here in New York and to celebrate the beautiful spring weather - what better time to feature our hottest destination of the year - Cuba!

But that's not all. We are featuring lots of goodies for our travelers in this month's newsletter, including a webinar I gave in April about my recent journey to East Africa and my firsthand reviews of the beautiful accommodations and attractions that were worthy of joining our custom itineraries.  Click here to view the full webinar, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions or want to find out about upcoming trips to these exceptional destinations!

In fact, we have an incredible exclusive deal for our newsletter subscribers this month on journeys to Kenya. With several destinations to choose from, take the opportunity to scratch that safari itch by joining us on a journey to the birthplace of safaris!


Check out our fantastic election year trip to Kentucky’s Fancy Farm Picnic! An American tradition of the best barbecue and bourbon in the area and a gathering of some of the nation’s biggest political powerhouses.

Finally, our passion for conservation is well known to our travelers. Preserving the exploited and endangered creatures of the world is too often an uphill battle. Which is why we’re thrilled to share our story on the first generation of baby tortoises seen on Galapagos in a century! Join us in celebrating a big payoff for all of those decades of diligent work by Galapagos conservation teams while you read about the little bundles of joy currently wandering the sandy shores of Isla Pinzón.


Hasta Luego,