Few places on earth embody the romance of history as well as Egypt. Here, the pharaohs built monuments to last for eternity, and intrepid explorers uncovered their secrets beneath the sands. Here, the roots of Judaism, Christianity and Islam intertwine deeply in the desert soil.

Behold the mysteries of ancient Pharaohs on an adventure to the heart of Egypt along the Nile.

Long famous for its spiritual wealth and cultural diversity, Israel has always been a standout destination.

Israel has everything: historical depth, cultural diversity, political complexity, sanctity, beauty, comfort, and contemporaneity. The history of Israel is itself worth the price of the trip; the mix of peoples and cultures offers another vital appeal; the opportunity that travelers have to engage in a first-hand encounter with the political complexity of the nation is not only valuable but vital to any real understanding of the issues beyond newspaper headlines; the religious heritage of the region is profoundly moving for anyone to whom religious faith is an important dimension of personal life; the diverse beauty of Israel’s natural environment is also surprising for such a small nation; the comfort of the hotel properties is a welcome relief to inevitably busy days; and the extraordinary economic vitality of Israel is perhaps the most eloquent testimony of the nation’s strength and promise.

Birding in Israel is one of the world’s “Best Kept Secrets.” Most people think of the biblical significance when Israel is brought into conversation, however, birding can be as exciting and thrilling as any of the best known birding spots around the globe.

Israel’s unmatched history, archaeological treasures and cultural attractions make it an essential destination for religious pilgrims and secular travelers alike. Explore Jerusalem, a walled hilltop city with a fabled 5,000-year past, sacred to more than a third of the world’s population.

Discover alluring Jordan and Dubai, the UAE metropolis offering an unrivaled view of the traditional, side by side with the very modern.

Discover the romance of desert landscapes with pastel-hued sands, unique rock formations and ruins of ancient civilizations. In the beautiful ‘white city’ of Amman and at Jerash you’ll see some of the world’s best preserved Roman cities.

As time goes by, isn’t it time you explored the legendary wonder and romance that is Morocco!

The barren sands of Sudan have secrets to tell in voices worn weary by the passage of time. 

Turkey has long been the crossroads between Europe, Asia and the Middle East, with history laced in magnificence.

On this unparalleled adventure program, discover Turkey’s Southern Coast by trekking, high ropes, flying fox, sea kayaking, tandem paragliding, rafting and 4x4.

Bridge the gap between Europe and Asia on this unmatched historical, cultural and culinary journey through the ancient land of Turkey. With its diversity and abundance of foodstuff due to its rich flora, fauna and regional differentiation, your adventure through Turkey will be a deeply enriching experience.


Bridge the gap between Europe and Asia on this unmatched historical, cultural and fun journey through the Aegean coast of Turkey and the Dodecanese Islands of Greece.  Discover the mystical world of sultans, the beautiful beaches, and island life at its best.  

Discover the land of sultans and mystical “whirling dervishes” on a journey to the "Cradle of Civilization." Visit legendary palaces in Istanbul, watch history come alive as you view the Hippodrome and marvel at the ancient site of Ephesus, the most complete city to be excavated.