Adventure is wrapped in luxury in Botswana, where you wing your way from camp to camp on small planes. No lines, no check-in, just the cheerful hello of the pilot as he tosses your duffle in the back of your ‘taxi in the sky.’

Adventure is wrapped in luxury in Botswana, where you wing your way from camp to camp on small planes. No lines, no check-in, just the cheerful hello of the pilot as he tosses your bag in the back of your ‘taxi in the sky.’ First stop, the Kalahari Desert and the otherworldly Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, where a glowing, white expanse of natural salt deposits create glittering mirages that seem to reach out into the horizon endlessly. Nearby the Nxai Pans are home to an array of animal and plant life, including the giant “upside down” Baobab trees that make the African skyline so spectacular. Then back on the plane for the most spectacular view over the Okavango. A wetland wilderness of looping channels, islands forested with palms and wide grassy floodplains, the Delta is home to a magnificent array of iconic birds and animals, from lion and elephant, to the ‘spirit of the Delta’, Pel’s Fishing Owl. Explore this natural paradise in open 4X4 vehicles, on foot, and in mokoros (dugout canoes).  

East Africa is a place that speaks to you in an ancient voice, of struggle, transformation, beauty, and love – from Kenya, where the Maasai endure in their traditional practices of cattle herding in the imposing expanse of the Maasai Mara, to Tanzania, where lion and zebra engage in their drama of survival within the isolate expanse of the Ngorongoro crater.

Discover the beauty of Ethiopia and the Seychelles as you embark on a journey through history and natural wonder.

Ethiopia is the home of legends and monuments, both formed by the great hand of nature and erected by the genius and devotion of man. From the moment you land in Addis Ababa, you will be immersed in the wonder of the city’s mighty cathedral and brought face to face with a plaster of Lucy – our oldest ancestor and a cornerstone of modern evolutionary science. This trip will take you through the many vibrant landscapes of Ethiopia, from the Simien Mountains to the Blue Nile Falls and will present to you the man-made wonders of the sparkling pink churches in Lalibela and the European-style castle fortress of Emperor Fasilides. Exotic plant and animal life blends into remarkable works of art and religious iconography, coming together to create an adventure unlike any other. 

Be astonished by the beauty and diversity of birds and animals one can easily observe on a Kenyan safari.

“All I wanted to do was get back to Kenya,” said Ernest Hemingway and with this trip you too will join the ardent club of those intoxicated with Africa’s magic.

This safari into the Kenyan bush is a dream wrapped in canvas, the narrative of which is shaped by the written accounts of Ernest Hemingway, Beryl Markham and Karen Blixen, who appreciated tented life in the bush. From your tented camp, watch the gripping action of predator and prey, and the delicate river dance of elephant, hippo, and crocodile. At dusk and dawn the sun dapples your tent with a myriad of colors and the night brings midnight blue skies, twinkling lights and the calls of the wild. Experiencing the immortalized parks and reserves of Samburu, Lake Nakuru and the Maasai Mara through canvas mark you as another explorer whose footsteps someone else will follow in.

Imagine waking to the sounds of a trumpeting elephant and feeling the roar of a lion coursing through your body… forget to breathe while watching a leopard stalking prey… delight in the delicate treetop munching of a giraffe. You don’t have to imagine when you’re on safari – and now cost doesn’t have to stand in your way! Experience Kenya, the original safari destination and home to beautiful landscapes and vibrant wildlife. Explore the amazing wildlife of Sweetwaters at Ol Pejeta Conservancy and the flamingo-lined shores of Lake Nakuru. Watch an endless parade of animals come to the waterhole at your ‘tree hotel’ and spend two days roaming the rolling hills of the Maasai Mara in search of wildebeest, zebra, impala, gazelle, cheetah and rhino. Each evening, share the day’s events while relaxing in luxurious lodges and tented camps underneath the starlit skies of Africa.

Explore the rare treasures of the world’s fourth largest island and the only place where the exotic lemur has its natural roots. In Madagascar you can explore the evolution of plants and animals, while enjoying the unique blend of cultures, from French traditionalism to the enchanting rituals of the Malagasy. Traverse this diverse land and all it offers: the stark, rugged beauty of the exotic south and Berenty Reserve, the strange rock formations in Isalo National Park, the untamed rainforest of Perinet, and the wildlife that calls them home. And of course, the lemurs! Become enthralled with the unusual dancing sifakas and hear the intense wailing of the largest species, the indri. The land, its culture and its lemurs, will definitely leap into your heart!